Crossing borders between outside and inside

Inspired by the possibilities of architecture, we create objects that radiate confidence in any setting, both outside and inside.

Objects that are flexible enough to be moved around and cross borders between different environments – challenging the common view of how and when you can spend time outdoors in our constantly changing climate. In this way, we can both extend the outdoor seasons and maximize the life of each object.

“It’s up to you to choose; outside or inside. Or both. There are no limitations.”

Bebo is a name that encompasses life and people. To ’bebo’, to live in, somewhere is more than just staying there, more than being housed. The person who ’bebos’ has moved in, with heart and soul, and fills the space. In the Nordics, we live close to nature and with distinct seasons that transform the dynamics between outside and inside. Warm and cold. Light and dark. Lush and bare. We create objects with the ability to ’bebo’ their environments, whether they are indoors or outdoors, aiming to bring the outside in and the inside out. Thus extending the seasons and enabling greater wellbeing. It’s a new way to use furniture and to get more value out of a single piece.

It’s up to you to choose; outside or inside. Or both. There are no limitations as all our products are made with the durability to handle the Nordic weather and aesthetics to stand the test of time. Cushions and colors can be changed as often as your mood dictates. Even stripped down they are as beautiful as the trees in winter without their leaves.